Each season I offer a preserve making workshop at my home.  My home kitchen is a licensed Food Business.  During one of these workshops that traditionally runs from 9am – 2pm including morning tea and lunch; you will learn the technicalities of safe food preserving, along with making up to 4 different preserves, enjoy a convivial morning tea and lunch with fellow learners.  You will get to take home what we make, perhaps make new friends and go away with the knowledge and where with all to embark on your own food preserving journey.  I just love passing on my knowledge to other passionate foodies!

During the Winter months I offer a pressure cooker workshop.  During this workshop you’ll learn the ins and outs of the safe electric pressure cooker.  Let me tell you, I’d have married a pressure cooker in a past life.  What if I told you that you can produce a traditional vegetable soup in 8 minutes, or a tasty, stew/shanks/casserole in 1/3rd of the traditional time without compromising flavour, or maybe a fruit mince that will take you from Jun -Feb next year to adorn your monthly desserts?  You will learn all about pressure cooking whilst enjoying a 3-course lunch/dinner (dependent on workshop time).

In addition to preserve making/pressure cooking workshops, I hold a very popular workshop entitled “Gifts from my Christmas Kitchen” in November.  Here you’ll learn all about how I do Christmas.  If I said to you, “How about a week’s worth of work, then you won’t cook for another 8 days during the crazy festive season, along with being flashy?”  How would you respond?

All workshops are offered for min of 6 people max 10 people.   Traditionally offered on Wed during day.  Or alternatively offered from 4pm week days, from 4pm Saturdays.  They will be advertised on our fb page.  However, if you have at least 6 people wanting to complete any workshop, contact us and we’ll work with you for a mutually convenient day/time.

Costs $80 – $120pp