It never ceases to amaze me that when a wedding is mentioned prices go through the roof!  I don’t understand why.

Here at Frog and Swallow Gourmet Preserves we would be very pleased to quote you on a bespoken, quality, rustic, handmade and personalized Bonbonieres for your special day.  Our minimum order is 50 units.  This minimum can be made up of up to two flavours.

The jars used are square, they hold 110ml and contain up to six serves/jar.  You can choose from a black, white, silver or gold lid.  They come to you with a nutritional information panel on the back that contains ingredients, our contact details and a best before date along with the batch number.  We need to do this to meet strict Australian Food Labeling standards.

This means you have three sides to decorate as you wish, or have us work with you to decide on a personalized and printed front label (this is an extra cost).

As you would understand, the price of produce fluctuates with the seasons and market environment; hence why we need to quote on each order as the enquiry comes in.  As a guide, the Bonbonieres costs between $5 – $8ea excluding personalized labels and transport.  When comparing prices, please take note of the quantity/jar and serving sizes.

Our terms are very simple, we require 50% deposit on the acceptance of the quote and the balance on delivery.  You are very welcome to pick up your order, or we can deliver into SE Queensland at a cost.  Unfortunately we are unable, at this time, to offer delivery outside of this region.  However, you are welcome to organize your own transport if you live and require delivery outside of this region.

Visit our Seasonal Flavours page for the many flavours available to you.


Corporate Gifts


We often supply businesses/not for profits with a dedicated corporate gift line.  Again the minimum order is 50 units.  We can also personalize the front label for you, like below.