We are devastated to announce that Jackie Robertson passed away suddenly this week. She was our rock and our inspiration. A truely amazing person who touched the hearts of many people via her amazing personality and generosity, but also her great passion for friendship and food. We will forever miss her.
John, Jonathan, Joshua and James.

 “Grown up Flavours for Grown up Palates”

Hello and welcome to the gorgeous and fertile Darling Downs of Queensland!  My name is Jackie and I live on 5 acres with my husband TB (The Beloved).  Until very recently TB and I ran a successful Café in Allora Qld.  After nearly three years we decided to close the Café and go back to the first love in our lives, besides each other………….

In June 2012, I left the corporate world, burnt out and depleted.  I launched Frog and Swallow Gourmet Preserves in July of that year.  My family of TB and my three gorgeous grown up sons, had a hand in naming and positioning this small food producing business in the market place.  Every member of my family contributed in some way.

We enjoyed exponential success.  I was highlighted in the US Business Women’s Magazine “Cake & Whiskey” alongside a closer to home publication “Highlife Darling Downs” Magazine.  One of our earliest bulk orders was for 605 units of our famous Orange & Whiskey Marmalade.  This order was from Marketing Company in Melbourne, it had a three month lead up time and I was grateful for that, as I really was panicking!  We delivered early!

From then, we entered the Bomboniere/Wedding Favours industry, we were sending out over 1000 units/month all around the country and we never advertised!  Then life got in the way.

In October of 2012, TB was involved in a serious Motorcycle accident on the way to work.  We are so lucky to still have him here.  He had spent his entire career being in a leadership role in the Hardware or Industrial Sales Industries.  His injuries took 2 years to resolve.  Those two years were hard.  So, in November 2014 we opened Frog and Swallow Café with big dreams and lots of passion.  We so enjoyed making our little Café a hub of social activity whilst TB got to exercise his upper body as only a Barista could!  We were successful.

In early August 2017 TB and I decided to close Frog and Swallow Café due to the long hours required.  We were missing out on being a part of our boys’ lives along with missing out on precious moments with our Grandchildren.  I was also missing my passionate creative outlet – preserves.  So, we’ve returned to producing traditional, small batch, boutique preserves again.

My focus will be on ramping up production into the Wedding and Corporate Gift industries, whilst continuing to supply retail outlets and selling at selected, regional, quality markets.

“If I had to explain why I’m passionate about bringing my customers, family and friends my products, I think the tradition of food preservation is so relevant in our often, chaotic modern world, and it has the potential to reconnect us with the beauty and natural cycles that sustain us.”  –   Jackie 2012

I’m an unashamed Locavore.  This means I source my ingredients from within 100km of where I live (where possible).  My preference is to purchase straight from the farm gate.  This also means it comes to me fresh and in season.  I can think of no better way to enjoy and preserve those ingredients!